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Turning Your Data Into Action Is Just A Click Away

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With business gathering more data than ever, it can be daunting to organize and use it.  With Omega BI we put your data into action. Read More about our Business Intelligence Division


Our team of in-house developers can integrate all of your data sources: accounting, time-keeping, ERP, CRM, and many others, so your data can be viewed and analyzed using a single reporting tool. Once the data can be seen together, we’ll help guide you on building the most powerful analytics and metrics. Read More about our Business Intelligence Division

Businesses are collecting more data than ever but it’s not integrated and doesn’t measure what matters. More information doesn’t equate to
clarity and decision making… But with Omega Business Intelligence, we turn
your data into action! We approach each client’s data with a stakeholder mentality.

When omega connects your business data we prep and model it, to give you
actionable metrics. Our team of software developers custom tailor solutions
to give you next level insights. Our reporting will help you bridge the gap between data and decision making.  We connect all your data sources and
promote insights across your organization while ensuring data integrity , accuracy, and security. Reports and dashboards are available on your own secure portal and can be viewed on any desktop or mobile device. Get the most out of your data: leverage our business intelligence team so you can focus on running your business.