R&D Tax Credit Referral Partner Program

Discover the Power of R&D Tax Credit Referral Partnership!

Omega’s Tax Incentive Partner Program rewards our partners for educating their network about the Research and Development Tax Credit and Omega’s R&D Credit Services. Members of our tax credits referral team can grow their firms, expand their offerings, and achieve their goals through tax credit advisory services.

Benefits of the Tax Credit Referral Partner Program

  • Extend your capabilities and access a team of resources
  • Add new value to your clients and prospects
  • Build credibility as a trusted advisor by highlighting lucrative R&D tax credits
  • Earn significant passive income just by making introductions

Who Can Partner with Omega?

We partner with trusted advisors, businesses, and organizations across various industries such as tax professionals, financial advisors, insurance brokers, business consultants, B2B companies, trade organizations, and many more. Our tax credits referral team can build goodwill and earn passive income by educating their networks on tax incentive opportunities.

Why Partner with Omega?

  • Collaborate with an established tax credit expert recognized for integrity and reliability
  • Partner with an organization able to scale and fulfill filings
  • Join forces with a team whose services complement your own
  • Increase bandwidth and establish a consultative value-add with your clients

We understand that serving your clients with diligence enables your business to thrive. We handle each of your clients with respect and distinction because, as your partner, we work in the best interests of you and your clientele.

Omega is proud to work with hundreds of referral partners nationwide, and our Partner Success Team is dedicated to helping them supplement their businesses with our tax credit advisory services.

R&D Tax Credit Partnership: How It Works

  1. Tax Incentive Partner identifies Omega’s service offerings to their network
  2. Partner’s clients review and decide to act on the information
  3. Omega works with clients:
    1. Determine qualified activities
    2. Calculate R&D credit amount
    3. Build tax credit claim and prepare IRS forms
  4. Client receives tax credits from IRS
  5. Consulting Fee (if applicable) to the Partner