Partner Program

Become A Champion For Your Clients

Elevate Your Firm to a Comprehensive Advisory

Enhance your firm with the power of a trusted referral partner. Assemble a complete suite of financial advisory and accounting services and become the go-to source for your clients’ business success. Spread the word about the advantages of our many services, including tax consulting, accounting, and funding solutions, and we’ll reward you for every contract generated from your introduction.

How the Partner Program Works

  • Become an Omega Advocate – We’ll provide you with the resources you need to educate your network on our tax credit services.
  • We’ll Do the Legwork – Omega leads an evaluation of your client’s business, calculates credit potential, and prepares forms.
  • Claim Credits & Consulting Fee – Your client receives tax credits from the IRS, and you collect your consulting fee (if applicable).

What it Means to Partner with Omega

You’re already a trusted advisor to your clients. Now, you can enhance your value while better serving your clientele by educating them about lucrative tax credit opportunities. As an Omega partner, all you have to do is introduce your clients to our services to help them explore potential savings.

  • Extend your capabilities by relying on our expertise
  • Access resources to better support your clients
  • Earn significant passive income just by making introductions