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Increase Performance While Lowering Costs

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How can you afford high performance accounting on a more conservative budget?

It’s a common question.  You demand more than simple financial statements – you need accurate insights into your business to help drive growth. These needs may include:

  • Financial projections, forecasts, and budgets
  • Period comparisons and trends
  • Business development strategies (planning and implementation)
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) development and monitoring
  • Credit management
  • Resource utilization

Generating these insights require significant expertise in terms of:

  • Developing controls, policies, and procedures
  • Integrating business software platforms
  • Collaborating with internal and external teams (auditors, CPAs, etc.)
  • Managing and/or training staff

Many consider hiring an in-house accounting team.  This team often consists of some combination of:

  • CFO
  • Controllers
  • Senior Accountants
  • Bookkeepers

When a growing business cannot realistically support hiring an in-house accounting team, we often see accounting tasks being handled by talented staff whose expertise and strengths may lay outside of accounting. Despite the best of intentions, this leads to significant financial issues such as unexpected tax liabilities, damaging financial errors, and overwhelmed staff.

Fractional accounting is an approach that’s quickly gaining traction within the industry. What is it?  Simply put, this means using the right skill-set to perform the right set of tasks – and only those tasks.


  • Fractional accounting offers higher performance at a lower cost
  • It provides access to talent previously accessible only by larger firms
  • It allows you to focus your staff’s talents where they can best be utilized by ensuring they are not over-extended
  • It increases your flexibility, letting you augment your existing staff or use us as your entire accounting solution
  • You can enjoy peace of mind from knowing fresh sets of eyes are focused on your growth while providing defined deliverables for a measurable return on your investment