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ERC Tax Credit Advance: How to Get Cash for Business Now

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Omega Offers Employee Retention Credit Advance Loans

The Omega team is excited to announce the official launch of its new ERC advance loan service. Omega Funding Solutions (OFS) brings small business lending to companies that claimed the Employee Retention Credit, but cannot afford to wait up to a year for their ERC refund money. OFS helps small and mid-sized businesses cover day-to-day expenses while they await their tax refund. Existing clients, businesses that have not yet claimed their credit, and companies that filed with other processors are all eligible for an ERC bridge loan from OFS.

What Is Omega Funding Solutions?

Omega Funding Solutions (OFS) is an experienced commercial business lender that provides fast bridge loans for businesses that qualify for the Employee Retention Credit. OFS is a new division of the long-standing accounting-consulting firm Omega Accounting Solutions. The new service allows small and medium-sized businesses to borrow advance funds against their anticipated ERC refund. OFS provides an immediate cash infusion to help your business get back to doing what it does best.

What Is an ERC Tax Credit Advance?

ERC tax credit advance loans provide an immediate cash infusion to companies that qualify for the Employee Retention Credit, but cannot afford to wait through long ERC refund processing times. The IRS takes about six to nine months to process a claim, and many companies wait up to a year for their refund check to arrive. Most businesses are still contending with a weak economy left over by the pandemic, and some need help covering extra expenses while awaiting their ERC credit money.

An ERC advance payment can help bridge this gap, providing borrowers with up to 60% LTV of their expected tax refund amount. Clients can keep their business running strong by using the ERC advance loan to cover any expenses, compensate employees, pay debts, or invest in new products.

How Do ERC Tax Credit Advances Work?

ERC tax credit advance loans are made to companies that qualify for the Employee Retention Credit, using only the anticipated tax refund as loan collateral. While the IRS takes six to nine months to process ERC claims, and up to a year to disperse the tax refund, ERC loans provide advance funds to businesses that need cash now. Almost any business with a valid ERC claim is eligible to borrow from a tax credit loan provider such as OFS.

Receiving an ERC credit advance is simple. First, OFS will collect your company’s ERC information and examine your ERC claim, which may take up to four weeks. Once approved, it takes about three days to process your loan and as little as ten for funds to disburse. Once approved, borrowers begin making monthly interest-only payments, ending with a balloon payment once their ERC money arrives.

What Is the Timeline for ERC Advance Payment?

Existing Omega ERC Clients

If you already have an ERC claim processed by Omega Accounting Solutions, financing is usually approved immediately, with loan closing in as little as three days. Funds will reach your account in as little as two weeks.

New Clients Who Filed ERC with Another Provider

If you already filed for ERC with a different tax credit processor, we will quickly verify your ERC claim before approving your advance loan. Borrowers can receive funding in as little as two weeks upon receipt of all requested documents.

New Clients Who Have Not Yet Filed ERC

If you have not yet claimed the ERC or filed it with a different processor, we will process your claim or review your existing qualifications and disburse your ERC advance in as little as 45 days.

Why Choose OFS for an ERC Tax Credit Advance?

Omega Funding Solutions works closely with your team to ensure you truly meet all ERC qualifications. They conduct a due diligence check to provide audit protection documents to each client. If you’ve already filed for the ERC with a different processor, Omega will double-check your claim for accuracy, providing further protection in case you’re audited in the future. OFS small business bridge loans are fast, flexible, and equitable, with no upfront fees. OFS serves typical borrowers and under-resourced clients including low credit, the self-employed, and corporations/LLCs.

How Do I Get an ERC Advance Loan?

If you believe your company may qualify for the Employee Retention Credit, Omega Accounting Solutions can provide a free, 10-minute consultation to get the process started. If your company is found to be ERC-eligible, they will file on your behalf. Then, Omega Funding Solutions can provide an ERC advance loan to help your business thrive immediately.

If your business already has a valid ERC claim, you can likely qualify with OFS — even if you used another ERC processor. Contact Omega Funding Solutions and utilize your ERC advance payment to keep your business running strong!