Cost Segregation

Increase Cash Flow With an Expert Cost Segregation Study

Property owners and real estate investors can utilize this powerful strategy to reduce their tax liabilities and increase cash flow.

Don’t wait years for real estate depreciation. Maximize your tax savings today.

What is Cost Segregation?

Cost Segregation is a tax planning strategy commonly used by commercial and residential real estate owners to maximize income tax deductions by sorting property components into separate asset classes with shorter depreciable lifespans. By accelerating their depreciation expenses, property owners can offset taxable liabilities and increase cash flow.

Benefits for Real Estate Property Owners

Expert Analysis

A highly specialized professional with engineering and accounting acumen provides a Cost Segregation analysis that complies with building and tax regulations at the state and federal levels.

Accelerate Tax Depreciation

Accelerate the depreciation deduction expense of real estate purchases to take advantage of the time value of money—a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow.

Increase Cash Flow

By capitalizing on depreciation deductions, real estate owners and investors can use the offset tax liability to immediately reinvest in new opportunities.

How Does Cost Segregation Work?

Residential and commercial buildings typically have a depreciable life of 27.5 or 39 years. However, certain interior and exterior components such as carpeting, cabinetry, and walkways depreciate faster than the general structure of the building. By hiring an experienced professional to perform a Cost Segregation Study, you can segregate many building components into separate asset classes with depreciation lives of five, seven, and 15 years, significantly reducing your income tax burden.

Property owners can also utilize depreciation retroactively and “catch up” on prior years if they did not complete a study in the year of purchase.

What Omega Provides

Omega Accounting Solutions provides expert Cost Segregation Studies, performing a comprehensive analysis of properties of all sizes to deliver accurate, fully compliant, IRS-defensible reports. With 15+ years of experience and expertise on federal & state tax incentives, Omega uses a holistic perspective to evaluate your overall tax strategy and find untapped opportunities to maximize your tax benefits each year.

How To Get Started:

Step 1: Discover If You Qualify

Initial consultation with our in-house professional

Step 2: Expert Cost Segregation Study

Our experienced team will perform an onsite study to evaluate your properties and sort building components into strategic tax asset classes.

Step 3: Maximize Income Tax Savings

Utilize your accelerated depreciation to significantly reduce your tax burden this year and throughout the life of your property.

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