California Employment Training Panel (CA ETP)

Elevate Your Employees & Boost Your Bottom Line

The California Employment Training Panel (CA ETP) is the state’s flagship program that fosters job creation, employee retention, and workforce development. Discover how ETP training can strengthen your business by funding essential employee development programs that empower your workforce and drive sustained growth.

Unlock California Job Training Grants with Omega’s Expert ETP Consultant Services

What is the California Employment Training Panel?

The California Employment Training Panel is a state agency that supplements California workforce development by funding employee training programs for employers that meet certain requirements. Established in 1982, CA ETP stands as the epitome of California’s commitment to supporting businesses’ drive to cultivate skilled workers.

Funded through a special tax on California employers, the ETP program differs from other California job training grants by emphasizing frontline worker training. ETP grants provide employers with cash reimbursements—contributing directly to your business’s bottom line.

Why Apply for CA ETP?

Develop a Competitive Workforce

Use your ETP grant to provide cost-effective employee training programs that increase the overall competency of your workforce.

Receive Cash Reimbursement

California ETP funding is distributed to employers once pre-approved training programs are completed.

ETP Funding Rates

Etp funded training
The CA ETP awards a fixed dollar amount for each hour of employee training, typically ranging from $9 for computer-based training to $23 for various formats of live training.

For example, if your business provides a 20-hour ETP training program for 20 employees over a year, you can be reimbursed for 400 training hours. Depending on your designated ETP reimbursement rate, you could receive up to $9,200 for that class.
Normally, 2-year contracts are capped at $500k, and successful employers can apply for subsequent contracts. The CA Employment Training Panel has allocated a total of over $86 million in grants to be distributed throughout fiscal year 2023/2024.

What Omega Provides

Omega’s ETP consultants are experienced in working directly with the California Employment Training Panel to secure contract funds for businesses in various industries. Our ETP services can help your business navigate the ETP program and related compliance requirements, providing comprehensive support throughout the process. Funds are awarded on a performance basis, and we can help you create a competitive application and Panel presentation that meets the state’s goals for funding.

CA ETP has various mandates regarding employee wages, training curriculum, employee retention, industry, format, and reporting. Omega will help you navigate these issues as we work together to present your training plan. ETP hearings can require the presentation of information from outside parties, and we will help prepare you to respond to questions about your potential contract.

How It Works:

Training Plan Development
Omega will help your business develop a tailored training plan based on your payroll, workforce, curriculum, retention, and reporting. Then, we will work with an ETP representative to further develop, enhance, and test the training plan.
Once finalized, we will help prepare you to present your training plan before the Panel for review. The Panel may approve it as presented, ask follow-up questions, or request modifications to be made.
Training Completion
& Reimbursement
Once approved, your business will have 2 years to complete the curriculum and related compliance to receive reimbursement. Omega will assist you in capturing and submitting that reporting.

California ETP Requirements

Who Qualifies for CA ETP Grants?

To qualify for California ETP grants, your business must invest or want to invest in formalized training for your workforce. The following entities may qualify for ETP grants if they meet specific requirements:

  • Single Employers
  • Training groups such as Trade Associations or Chambers of Commerce
  • Workforce Development Boards
What is an etp fund

Which Industries May Qualify

Businesses in any industry may qualify for California ETP, but certain industries are awarded grants more often than others. Here are some of the target industries favored by the state panel:

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Biotech & Life Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Green Technology
  • Technology
  • Software
  • Accounting

Qualified Training Topics

Many different types of employee training may qualify for California ETP grants. Here are some of the most common training topics that have qualified:

  • Business skills
  • Computer skills
  • Technology skills
  • Continuous improvement skills
  • OSHA training
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Management skills
  • Specialized Manufacturing skills
  • And many more

Eligible Employee Requirements

Once an ETP grant is awarded, your employees must meet these requirements to qualify for training-hours reimbursement:

  • Must be employed full-time and complete at least 8 hours of training
  • Must complete a 90-day retention period
  • Must be paid at least the agreed-upon wage

Open a New Gateway to Growth

The California Employment Training Panel can help your business develop the highly skilled workforce you need to achieve sustainable growth.

Discover if you qualify for CA ETP funding today.


What is ETP?

ETP refers to the Employment Training Panel, a California state program established in 1982 to support job creation and retention through targeted training. The ETP program is characterized by employer-driven decision-making, encouraging businesses to assess their training needs and customize curricula. The state panel awards performance-based contract funding to employers with satisfactory training programs, helping ensure that California businesses have a skilled workforce to remain competitive in the evolving economic landscape.

What is an ETP contract?

An ETP contract typically refers to the financial resources allocated by the Employment Training Panel (ETP) to support employer-driven training initiatives in California. ETP contracts are dedicated to fostering job creation, retention, and workforce development. These contracts serve as a crucial mechanism for reimbursing employers for the costs associated with training incumbent workers. ETP contracts are awarded on a performance-based model, encouraging employers to actively participate in the training process and assume greater responsibility for training California’s workforce.

What is the CA Employment Training Tax?

The California Employment Training Tax (ETT) is a payroll tax imposed on California employers (at a rate of 0.1% up to $7,000 per employee annually) to fund the ETP program which supports workforce development initiatives in the state.

Who pays the California Employment Training Tax?

The ETT is paid by California employers. Revenue generated from this tax is used to support the ETP. The ETP, in turn, provides reimbursements to businesses for training programs that promote job creation, retention, and the development of a skilled workforce in California.

How do private employers benefit from the ETP?

Private employers can directly contract with the ETP to train their California workforces under Single-Employer Contracts. Private employers can also benefit indirectly by participating in public-private partnerships made available through Multi-Employer Contracts, which fund non-profit or educational organizations. Reimbursement rates per labor hour range from $9 for computer-based training to $23 for various formats of live training. A 20-employee classroom could recoup as much as $460 per training hour. Normally, 2-year contracts are capped at $500k, and successful employers can apply for subsequent contracts.