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We’ll provide the insights you need

Let us collaborate with the you to identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) essential to meeting your goals. Bench-marking critical metrics affords you insights for improvements which will have the most consistent financial impact.

As a stakeholder in your success, your outsourced CFO will analyze your financial reports for emerging trends, and which areas would benefit from increased focus and measurement. Our goal is to help you gain greater insight into your operations and offer strategic advice wherever possible.

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As your fractional CFO,  we will evaluate your books to help you better understand your current financial situation, and offer potential savings/growth strategies.

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How We Can Help You

Our fractional accounting  and virtual CFO business model allows you to pay only for the services you need and use – maximizing your performance while minimizing costs.

Exactly what growing firms want to do. Select your situation to explore more: Use our fractional accounting services to augment your existing talent.  To illustrate, if you already have experienced bookkeepers and accountants:

  • Use our Controller services to oversee the implementation of your business plan, streamline your workflows, and ensure accurate reporting as needed
  • Use our fractional CFO services to build or refine your business plan and monitor the metrics essential to the growth of your firm as needed

Our fractional accounting business model allows you to pay only for what you need and use.

  • Use our outsourced CFO services to build or refine your business plan and monitor the metrics essential to the growth of your firm as needed
  • Use our Controller services to oversee the implementation of your business plan, streamline your workflows, and ensure accurate reporting as needed
  • Use our Bookkeeper and Senior Accountant services to handle your daily, weekly, and monthly accounting functions and manage progress as needed

Partnership Details

Account Management

To protect you, we:

  • Monitor your open bank, credit card, and investment accounts, providing account recommendations along the way
  • Verify that you have full access to all accounts opened in your name
  • Establish strong password protection across accounts

Bill Payments

To help maintain your financial health, we:

  • Develop a workflow that integrates your bank accounts, Quickbooks,, ACH and other services to ensure bill payments are processed on time, every time
  • Approvals can be built into the bill payment process, as desired


Full service payroll management including

  • Processing employee paychecks
  • Paying all state and federal taxes
  • Filing corresponding tax returns


Each month, we:

  • Verify transactions are recorded in the correct accounts and have cleared the account
  • Identify any items which may require further research

Budgeting & Cost Analysis

To gain a more accurate understanding of your financial situation, we collaborate with you to:

  • Develop budgets & goals
  • Establish cost & revenue assumptions
  • Provide historical year-over-year trend analysis
  • Identify potential savings opportunities
  • Look for any questionable activities

Analytics & Reporting

We provide monthly financial statements and cash flow management information which includes:

  • A personalized model reflecting the month’s final numbers compared to budget expectations
  • Progress made against your cash balance goals
  • Income and expense analysis and insights

Additionally, we provide Executive-Level Financials & KPI Summaries which reveal where you are and where you’re heading.

Reporting can be made available to better fit your needs, whether it be by hard-copy, email, or online access at your convenience.


We help with individually owned and operated foundations in the areas of:

  • Accounting
  • Financial Analysis
  • Administrative Support
  • CPA Coordination for Tax Planning & Advice


Insurance needs vary wildly depending on your circumstances.  To optimize your coverage, we:

  • Identify all current insurance policies held in your name
  • Identify the scope and coverage of these policies
  • Examine areas of potential exposure
  • Make recommendations based on these findings


  • Automated bill payments with client approval system
  • Centralized document management and cloud storage
  • Encrypted password management
  • Dedicated mail service management
  • Consolidated dashboard reporting
  • Secure, cloud-based analytics reporting