Financial Analytics & Big Data for Small Business

KPIs and financial analytics are crucial components of a company’s strategic planning and decision-making processes. By using data-driven insights to measure and optimize financial performance, your business can stay competitive and achieve its long-term goals.


Never be in the dark again

We help you better understand the business metrics and Key Performance Indicators vital to your firm’s growth.

Continuously monitor your KPI using a tailored, automated reporting solution.

See the big picture, gain actionable insights, and make informed decisions that improve your profitability and competitive advantage.


Take your firm to the next level

Monitor key business metrics continuously

Recognize patterns

Identify best approaches

Improve efficiency and communication through automation

It Matters

Of 2,100 CFOs nationwide…

felt that an understanding of business analytics was mandatory for some or all of their staff.



What is Happening?

Descriptive analytics provide insights based on historical data.

For example: counts, sums, averages, percent changes, and period comparisons



Why Did It Happen?

Diagnostic analytics examine the cause of past results.

For example: interactive online reports, variance analysis



What Could Happen?

Predictive analytics assist in understanding future possibilities based on historical patterns.

For example: cash flow models, budgets



What Should We Do?

Prescriptive analytics assist in identifying the best option to choose to achieve the desired outcome.

For example: identifying the best way to reduce the A/R collection period or increase the profit margin to a certain level

Descriptive analytics and Predictive analytics play an important role in helping your business make data-driven decisions to improve performance and achieve strategic goals.


All our employees are bound by written confidentiality agreements. 

Online reports are accessed using a dedicated and authenticated user account.

Password Management
Strong, encrypted passwords are managed using industry-standard technologies.

Data Transmission & Storage
Your data is protected with 256-bit encryption at rest and in transit, with logging and auditing features enabled at locations in regular compliance with multiple federal, global, and industry standards organizations.

Financial Analytics Tailored to Your Business Needs

Omega can perform external oversight of your staff or perform full bookkeeping services.

Following a proven on-boarding process, we collaborate with you to define the right level of service combined with the right staff to efficiently accomplish all accounting tasks in a timely and accurate manner.

Our financial and operational controllers partner with you to create a well-defined suite of services.