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Since 2007, Omega Accounting Solutions has helped over 5000 organizations achieve financial clarity, control, and consistency. Discover what our accounting and tax strategies can do for you.

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Omega Accounting Solutions’ vision is to see a world where every business can access the knowledge and tools they need to innovate, optimize, and grow. As accounting consultants, we help you bridge the gap between operations, finance and accounting, providing business owners with the financial clarity and confidence they need to do business, better.

Serving over 5000 Clients

Each client journey is a testament to our commitment to excellence, as we leverage our expertise to drive tangible results and foster long-term relationships.

Trusted by over 600 Partners

Our team is dedicated to empowering our partners to achieve their goals and thrive in today’s dynamic business environment.

Clients Nationwide

Our reach extends across industries and geographic boundaries, reflecting our commitment to providing top financial services to all corners of the country.

Our Services

Accounting & Advisory

Access the service and insight of our experienced accounting and financial professionals on a fractional basis. Together, we work to elevate your accounting department and create a long-term strategy suited to your financial goals. 

Tax Incentives

Our dedicated credits and incentives professionals conduct thorough assessments to uncover unclaimed tax benefits you may be eligible to receive ranging from R&D, Cost Segregation, WOTC, and the FICA Tip Credit.

Partner Program

Elevate your firm to a comprehensive advisory with the power of a trusted partner. Assemble a complete suite of financial advisory and accounting services and become the go-to source for your clients’ business success.

Our Approach To Accounting

As operational accounting consultants, we’re here to support and elevate your accounting department. By identifying where you are along the Accounting Services Lifecycle and what your currents needs are, we build a custom accounting solution that is right for your business. We can help grow your accounting department’s proficiency and the value it brings or we can get the work you need done, done.

Data and Software Engineering Firm

Total Revenue


Total Credits Earned


Product Manufacturer

Total Revenue


Total Credits Earned


Our Approach To Tax Incentives

We take a long-term, relationship-driven approach to tax strategy. Our experienced tax professionals dive deep into your business’s operations, uncovering and substantiating the credits and incentives you deserve. But our work does not stop there. After our thorough review, we recommend and implement procedural changes within your organization to help you maximize your tax benefit year after year.

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Serving over 70 Industries

With a deep understanding of industry-specific challenges and opportunities, we offer tailored solutions that drive success and growth across the board.

Biotech & Life Sciences

Fractional Controller services

Cost Segregation study for new or renovated property

Accounting department assessment

Claiming the R&D Tax Credit for new products


Claiming the R&D Tax Credit for new products

Outsourced CFO oversight on profit margins

Cost Segregation study on property

Monthly financial reports


Job costing

Real-time financial dashboards

Overhead allocation analysis

Claiming WOTC for eligible new hires

Software & Technology

Claiming the R&D Tax Credit for eligible employees

Financial Planning & Analysis for new products

Real-time financial dashboards

Startup Bookkeeping

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