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Our Mission

We empower small business owners to make informed business decisions through the production of accurate and timely books, that yield honest and insightful reports, all while leveraging the assets within the business, and Omega to maximize efficiency.


Years of Service




Client Payroll




Managed Revenue


Client Assets


We empower you to make informed business decisions through powerful accounting.

We build long term relationships and partnerships between staff and clients, recognizing each relationship as an investment.


Stakeholder Mentality
We treat your business as if it were our own. We are invested in helping you outperform expectations.

Our perspective is client-centric; we are here to serve your best interests.

Driven to Learn
We are seekers of knowledge and wisdom. It’s why we can quickly learn the nuances of your business and fine-tune your business plan.

Creative, Unconventional Thinkers
We look at your business with a fresh set of eyes. We search for efficiencies within your workflows and challenge processes when necessary.

The diversity of the industries we have helped is one of our strengths, providing a wealth of experience and skill-sets to benefit you.

Your Fractional Team


We serve as your strategic partner, helping to refine your business plan and monitor the metrics essential to the health of your firm with the goal of fueling your growth.


We serve as team leaders and your primary contact, overseeing your business plan’s execution, streamlining high-level accounting workflows, and ensuring accurate reporting.

Business Intelligence

We handle the technologies, applications and practices for the collection, integration, analysis, and presentation of your business data and metrics to support better decision making.

Senior Accountants

We collaborate with Controllers and Accountants to manage the progress of your maintenance and month-end close plans for accuracy and efficiency, along with any additional requests that arise.


We handle your day-to-day accounting functions including accounts payable, accounts receivable, invoicing, collections, bill entry, bank reconciliations, payroll, and more.



The quality of being true, correct, exact


What’s done when no one is looking


Open, frank, candid


Competency in performance


Freedom from deceit or fraud


  • Brian
    "Omega has been a great partner and has helped us to use our financial data to make strategic business decisions. Sean jumped in to help us restructure so that we can accurately calculate our margins across all divisions of our company leading to real-time insight as to how we are doing at any given time. Becuase we have a clear idea of where we need to be at any given time to meet our financial goals, we are now able to course correct and make adjustments in realtime to keep our business on track. "
    LA Photo Party
  • Matt Posselt
    "I originally heard about Omega Accounting from my stepfather, Bill. Once meeting the team, not only did my family business sign on with Omega, but my brother's financial advisory office did as well. The biggest difference I see with Omega than other accountants we have used in the past is that they treat you like family, and truly go above and beyond to make sure the business owner is taken care of. "
    Matt Posselt