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About Us

Omega Accounting Solutions is a financial and tax advisory based in Irvine, California that empowers small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to make better-informed decisions. We simplify complex daily challenges through expert accounting, tax consulting, and business intelligence technologies to optimize your finances and create new opportunities for growth.

Our Story

The Beginning

Founded by Jay Woods in 2007, in a small office in Laguna Niguel, CA, Omega Accounting Solutions has transformed from a regional accounting firm to a thriving national business advisory.

Beginning as a corporate controller, Woods gained insight into his clients’ daily financial challenges, identifying innovative solutions for small business owners to access big business resources at a fractional cost.

Omega Accounting Solutions was born with the mission to empower small business owners to make better-informed decisions.

Value-Based Business

Over the past 15 years, Omega has amassed a loyal client network by growing beyond fractional accounting to include tax advisory services, with a focus on business intelligence (BI) for innovative analytics and reporting.

In 2020, Woods expanded into tax credits, helping small businesses recover from the pandemic by securing over $1 billion for our clients. Omega grew into a champion for small businesses by nurturing client relationships and remaining rooted in our values of accuracy, efficiency, and integrity.


As of 2023, Omega Accounting Solutions has achieved:

SMBs Supported

Annual Revenue

Recovered for Clients

New Employee Growth

  • #1 Fastest-Growing Mid-Size Company in OC in 2022 – OC Business Journal
  • Fastest-Growing Private Companies, 2023 Pacific Region – Inc. Magazine
  • #1 Best Company for ERC Tax Refunds – Merchant Maverick

Giving Back

This growth enabled the establishment of The Braided Cord Foundation, our non-profit organization designed to empower entrepreneurs in marginalized communities to build sustainable businesses through educational programs, mentoring, and micro-funding.


A world in which every business, no matter how small, has access to the knowledge, tools, and resources to optimize their finances and create new opportunities.


To empower small businesses to make better-informed business decisions.


Accuracy, Efficiency, Integrity

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