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    • What We Provide

    • Identify vendors & contractors that require 1099s

    • Review & track down missing information

    • Complete E-file through IRS secured portal

    • Send copies to vendors & contractors (USPS or email)

    • Deliver summary report and copies for your records

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Avoid year-end 1099 filing hassles. Put our comprehensive filing service in place to handle all your 1099-NEC, 1099-MISC, and other 1099 tax form needs. Our US-based accounting team will handle the entire filing process so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Discover the ease of expert accounting done for you.

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What We Provide

We make it easier than online filing. Just upload your documents to our secure portal, and we’ll file any and all 1099s to meet your needs. From 1099 prep to IRS e-filing on your behalf, our expert accounting team will handle each step of the process, ensuring you meet all relevant deadlines and remain compliant with IRS regulations.

Comprehensive 1099 Filing Service Done for You:

  • Review your Vendor Info and data collected
  • Identify your vendors and contractors that need 1099s & W-9s
  • Track down missing W-9 info from your vendors and contractors
  • E-file to the IRS through a secured portal
  • Review and file with any applicable states
  • Send copies to vendors and contractors (USPS or email)
  • Deliver a summary report and copies of all 1099s filed for your records.

Before we submit to the IRS, you’ll receive an initial list of applicable vendors, contractors, values, and the various 1099 forms you’ll need to stay in compliance, allowing you to review and sign off before the final submission.

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Customized Service for Businesses of All Sizes

Whether you need one filing or 1000, our affordable 1099 filing solution can meet your needs. The pricing below represents our tiered fee system based on the number of 1099 forms filed.
Omega charges an upfront fee of $300 (minimum fee) to get started. Once all the 1099 forms are filed and copies delivered to you, this upfront fee will be subtracted from your final invoice.

Tax Form 1099 Filing Service FAQs

When is the deadline for 1099-NEC?

The IRS deadline for 1099-NEC filing is January 31st for all businesses, whether paper or e-filing. This date applies to the 1099 payments made throughout the previous tax year. Contact us today to find out more.

Are 1099 employees considered payroll?

For payroll tax purposes, “1099 employees” are not considered employees. 1099 forms are prepared for independent contractors, self-employed workers, freelancers, and other external vendors.

Do employers pay payroll taxes on 1099 employees?

Independent contractors, vendors, and freelancers are not considered employees when it comes to payroll taxes, so employers are not required to withhold taxes from wages paid to these 1099 workers. Rather, independent contractors must pay their own self-employment taxes.

Is Tax Form 1099 only for the self-employed?

No, as an employer, you issue 1099 forms to non-employee individuals or entities that have received $600 or more in reportable income, regardless of their self-employment status.

How late can a 1099 be issued?

The deadline for issuing most 1099 forms is January 31. However, if sent by mail, the postmark deadline is extended to February 28.

Do LLCs receive a 1099 tax form?

Yes, if an LLC receives $600 or more in payments for services, rent, or other reportable income, they are required to receive a 1099 form.

Will I get audited if I don’t file a 1099?

While not guaranteed, failure to comply with 1099 reporting requirements may raise red flags and increase the likelihood of an audit. It is crucial to meet reporting deadlines to avoid penalties and legal consequences.

Does the IRS look at every 1099?

While the IRS may not scrutinize every individual 1099 form, they use the information reported to cross-verify income and detect discrepancies during the tax return review process. Employers should ensure accurate reporting to avoid potential issues.

What is Tax Form 1099?

IRS Tax Form 1099 is a record of payments made to non-employee vendors and contractors that business owners must update and file with their tax returns each year. 1099 forms are issued by banks, financial institutions, employers, and others to report income and expenditures such as non-employee compensation, interest, dividends, rents, royalties, and miscellaneous income.

As a business owner or employer who compensates 1099 contractors or vendors for their services, understanding and correctly filing tax form 1099 is crucial for compliance with IRS regulations.

When are 1099 forms due?

1099-NEC forms are due to the IRS and vendors by January 31st. All other 1099 forms are due to the IRS on April 1st and copies must be sent to vendors by January 31st. Omega will make sure all the appropriate requirements are met to stay in compliance.

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